The Art of Accumulation

The art of human beings, by human beings, for human beings has been over. What we can only do is to left things to be accumulated forever. By the word “things”, I mean also a bunch of information encoded into some digital substance. The geological layer doesn’t necessarily consist of physical things. For the existence in the future, there’d be no difference between the physical and the virtual.

To consider an art for the future existence is the same method as to consider one for us. Only the difference between them is the position of view of viewpoint in the timescale. When we think of the current art, our viewpoint should be set back to an era far before now. In the same way, what we think now on art is for an era far after now. The difference incubates the accumulation, that is, the emerging art concept discussed here.

When we think of accumulated things for us, history should be taken up as a material for the art. Since art is a method to confuse borders between the true and the false, we naturally start working on intervention into history. Yasumasa Morimura, for instance, has been working on such an intervention to the art history with his sort of absurd passion to be nobody across the boundary.

The Earth as a thing is a good example of the art for the future existence. “Anthropocene” can be referred as a great artwork being achieved by us, which, even now, has been progressing day by day. Though it soon will be taken over by “Cyberocene,” we have to keep it in mind that we were able to once start such a great art project.Keep going on to pile things up around the cybersphere, which will be an art source for the future existence.